[Latest] Top 5 Facebook Lite Mods for Android


We often search for a mod version of a facebook lite app & didn’t get the right mod amiong too many mods available in the internet. So, I’ve collected the best facebook lite mods available in the internet & make a top five list. I hope you guys like my collection!

1. Facebook Lite Modified by Lopez Haldo:

This mod gives you the real red feel ui. It has too many features than other mods. It’s fully bug free & smoother to me. You can change background, colors, ui, live animations, browse other website & listen to your favourite music in this single app.


Download this facebook lite mod from this link. [Download Now] – 9mb


2. Facebook Lite Mod by Marcos977

This mod has new features &  more customizations. This facebook lite mod has new falling animations, icon changer, music visualizations.



Here is the download link of this lite mod [Download Now] – 3mb


3. Facebook Lite Colourful Rainbow Mod


Every one loves a variations of colours in a single app. This facebook mod lite has many colors to customize your facebook experience.

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You can get this beautiful mod from this link. [Download Now] – 3mb


4. Facebook Lite Mod Blue Ui

This facebook mod has blue navigation & ui. The animation used in this app is different from other mods. Ex: Blood Animation, Background Picture , Greeting Text, etc. You can listen to the music & browse google.


Her is the download link [Download Now] – 4mb


5. Facebook Lite Multiwindow Mod

I think this is a special mod because you can use multi windows to use youtube & facebook web version in a single app. This is the pro!!



Download your lite mod from here.. [Download Now] – 5mb (PASSWORD- marvs2001)


This lite mods is not modded by me. I found it on the internet & shared it! If you have any query comment in below.




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